What Options Do You Have For Extending Wi-Fi Signal Range In House?

As fast as your internet is and you can do everything you need, not always your whole house gets the same signal from the router. There are two main alternatives for solving your problem: the extender and the power line. Despite being cost-effective, extender operation is highly dependent on positioning. Already the power line, although it is more expensive, has the advantage of making the transmission of data through the electrical network of the house.

Understand How They Work

Signal extenders connect to the router via Wi-Fi, strengthening and expanding your signal in areas that were not previously covered by the router’s wireless. From where it is, the extender receives the signal and retransmits it, maintaining the main router’s settings but with a longer wireless range.

Already the power line extends the signal by means of electricity. It is made up of two parts: the first one is connected to the router’s Ethernet cable and the second one where you want to increase Wi-Fi coverage. Both are inserted into the socket, transmitting the signal through the power grid with little interference, which means results in fast and stable Wi-Fi transmissions.

Coverage area

The extender is designed to take the Wi-Fi network into blackout areas is not very large homes where the main router cannot reach. In addition, the device is interesting for those who want to improve the quality of wireless signals received in certain areas of the house.

For this, the device must be in a proper place to receive the quality signal. An example of use would be to have the main router in the living room and the extender in the hallway to improve Wi-Fi in the bedrooms and kitchen.

The power line, however, is best suited to take the Internet to a specific room, even in large or multi-story homes. Because it does not suffer from external interference such as walls or slabs, this type of equipment offers a more stable Internet. The size limit ranges from 300 to 400 meters of wire.

But, remember that, first of all, you need quality internet in your home. The Internet is the most important element in an average US house, but there are certain areas where the internet is not available or dies down due to several interferences. If you are dealing with this problem, then you can install a Wi-Fi extender to solve the problem and get fast and seamless internet. Now, you will find several extender brands on the market, but if you want to ensure that the internet remains fast and consistent, then you should only opt for a reputed brand, one like Netgear. You can go through the official website of Netgear to select the extender of your choice. For more information click on Netgear Range Extender Setup.

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