What are the Easy Steps to Change the Wireless Channel and Security Mode of Netgear Range Extender?

Netgear Range Extender Setup

Sometimes, the condition arises when you have to change the channel and security mode in order to fix the connectivity issues of the wireless range extender. There is a number of steps that you must apply so as change the wireless channel and security mode.

Step 1: Connect the devices together: Connect the computer to the Netgear range extender with the help of an Ethernet cable.

  • Check whether the light corresponding to the LAN port has started blinking or not. If yes, then move forward, otherwise change the port and connect the Ethernet cable to it.

Step 2: Log in to the web-based setup page: Check the IP address printed at the back of the Netgear device. Enter it in the address bar of the web browser and log in with the username and password. Generally, the Username is ‘Admin’ and the password is the same as the username. If you have changed it earlier, then you need to log in with the new address and password.

For any kind of problem, you can go to the ‘Setup page’ from the User setup guide.

Step 3: Changing the wireless channel: In order to get the best channel on the range extender, you can download the SSIDer tool. This will display the channels available on networks and which is the ideal channel to use and not being used by so many networks.

  • If you are not being able to access the analyzing app, then try the different channel manually and check if the connection improves on a particular channel or not. Start with channel 1 and go till 11.

Steps to change the channel are:

Go to ‘Advanced settings’ directly from the login page.

Select ‘Wireless settings’ followed by ‘Main menu.

Go to ‘Basic settings’ and click on ‘Submenu’. You will find the page will be directed to the similar one opened on the screen.

Lock the channel which best suits your requirement from the drop-down menu and click ‘Save’.

How to change security mode?

It is recommended to use the WPA or WPA2 as a wireless security mode. Apart from providing better security, It will also enable a stable connection with the wireless device, especially with the latest technology.

Steps to change the security mode are:

  • Go to ‘Advanced’ settings from the setup page by logging in to it.
  • Select the ‘WLAN’ settings from the main menu.
  • Select ‘Security settings/wireless security from the submenu. You will find an image on the screen.
  • Search for security mode and you can change it from here. For Netgear extender, you can select WPA2, WPA2-PSK, WPA personal, or mixed security type.

Note: You can prefer AES as a WPA algorithm to WPA2 encryption on the range extender.

In case the security model you have selected on your Netgear Range Extender Setup is not compatible with the wireless device connected to it, you need to disable it. This case can be seen in old windows PCs and devices. In such cases, you can secure the network through an Access control option.

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