Purchased A New Netgear Router? Don’t Forget To Disable QoS

Have you recently purchased a new Netgear router, but getting the same speed as you got on your previous router? If yes, then we have found out the reason for this. There are settings named ‘QoS’ which is creating the problem. This feature is used to channelize the network traffic but in reality, it sometimes slows down the speed of connections.

After certain workarounds by different users on their Netgear product, it has been found out that the main culprit is ‘Netgear QoS option’. This not only limits the network speed but also bring the network to halt. The 100 MB file which earlier takes 16 seconds to get completely downloaded is now taking 27 minutes after enabling QoS.

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What is QoS?

QoS feature is a built-in feature of Netgear routers. Its main function is to prioritize the important traffic first. With the help of different algorithms, the service identifies the device that is on high priority on the network. Like for example, if you have connected the wireless printer and the gaming console to the Netgear router, then QoS will automatically deliver larger bandwidth to the devices rather than providing it to the printer and vice versa.

According to different feedbacks from users, it has come to the fore that this feature doesn’t work like it. You can google ‘Netgear QoS’ and check that every 5 out of 10 users on complaint forum have shown their disinterest for QoS. You can also directly search for your Netgear router by entering the model number on the page.

Other users on the feedback forum said that the QoS feature is good at prioritizing the network traffic but sometimes it keeps on sending the traffic from the dead PC. One of the users said that wireless data is at high priority over the wired. Gaming apps and streaming apps always take more priority over productivity files. So, this is apparently a problem for all those users who want to use their network for work and entertainment both.

Even the company doesn’t suggest activating QOS at high speeds more than 300 Mbps. The company spokesman said that this is a useless feature for all those users who want speed but not the priority of network on different devices.

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How to deactivate QoS?

Though we can’t affirm every QoS users our technical experts have run the internet without using QoS and they find that everything is working smoothly. So, you can also try it once. If you don’t like in the future, you can reactivate it.

Steps to deactivate the feature

  • Open the administrative page and click to enter the username and password. If you have changed the default username and password, then enter the new one. Go to ‘Advanced tab’.
  • Go to ‘QoS setup’ and uncheck the option which says ‘Turn internet QoS on’.
  • Press ‘Done’.
  • To undo the process, click on the box and uncheck it.
  • If you are getting upload speed problem and still want to enable QoS, then click on the option ‘Turn Bandwidth control on’. Tap to apply.
  • In this manner, you will be able to get the maximum uploading speed with prioritizing traffic on the network.

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