New Tools Announced by Netgear for Extending the Range of Network

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Netgear is one of the best players in the router market, but since last year, no new products are launched into the market. It doesn’t mean that Netgear is free or not working on any model. They are doing research on Wi-Fi range extenders, Firmware updates of existing products, powerline adapters, and NAS boxes.

Netgear has unwrapped three new wireless range extenders. The entry-level AC 750 Essentials edition, middle range AC1200, and Top-of-the-line Nighthawk AC1900.

According to Netgear senior manager Damir Skripic, there has been a continuous increase in the number of users using Wi-Fi extenders due to an increase in dead spots in their houses.

Range extenders

Range extenders are a type of device that can solve the network problem by selecting the router’s signal and amplifying it so that the client can get a stronger signal. The range extender using radio and antenna send the data from client to router that is most powerful than earlier.

There are some routers that use the same radio to send data to the router which is received on it. The throughput brings to half. All the three Wi-Fi range extenders which we have discussed in the previous passage are dual-band routers that work on Fastlane technology. The link rate of one router is used to transmit whereas the other link rate is used to receive.

If we talk about Nighthawk AC1900, then it is the most powerful range extender which is available for $170. It is enclosed in a large plastic body with three external radials. You will find a five GB Ethernet port at the back of this device.

The EX7000 has the capacity to provide throughput up to 1300 Mbps on the 5GHz frequency band and up to 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. You will also find a USB port for connecting the printer or other peripheral devices to it. This device covers up to 10000 sq. ft. Of area but if you live in a smaller home, then it will reduce the range.

Another amazing device EX1650 is available for $120 that plugs directly into the socket. If you like to have a wall-plug design extender, then this is the best one. However, there is an absence of certain components that sometimes restrict users from buying them.

The EX1650 is a dual-band model that supports TCP throughput up to 800 Mbps on 5 GHz and 250 Mbps on 2.5 GHz frequency. It is coming with one Ethernet port and has the capacity to operate as Wi-Fi AP as well as a range extender.

Power-line adapters

From the name itself, it implies these are the type of adapters that work well with the cables. It means if you are unable to connect to the network wirelessly due to a large number of obstructions, floors, walls, then you can use power line networking adapters.

The HomePlug recently launched HomePlug AV2 standard that uses multiple input multiple output technology with beamforming. In the previous version of Home Plug, the data was carried only on multiple or pairing of lines whereas, in Home plug 2, the device can use any pairing of line, ground wires, and neutral.

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