Netgear Orbi Outdoor: The Most Reliable Way Of Extending Wi-Fi Signal Outdoors

netgear orbi setup

While we all are aware of the process of extending the Wi-Fi signal range in our house, but do you know how to do the same outdoors? If you have a lawn outside your house where you like to spend some time reading your favorite book, playing with kids, or surfing the internet, then you must have felt the need for a strong internet signal.

The internet signal deteriorates as we go far away from the router, and if you are sitting outside, then the signal will definitely be weaker than what it is inside the house.

The best way to increase the Wi-Fi signal outside is by placing an outdoor Wi-Fi extender. However, the question that arises when installing a Wi-Fi extender outside the house is how long will it last for. Reason being, it is an electronic device, which can’t withstand the rain, snow and sharp winds.

To overcome both issues, Netgear has come up with an incredible device named ‘Netgear Orbi Outdoor’, which has been tested in extreme weather conditions and deemed 100% reliable to give you great Wi-Fi coverage outside your house.

In order to have this extender installed in your house, you must confirm whether it is compatible with the existing network setup of your house or not. In simple terms, check if the extender is compatible with the router or do you have to get a new router that is compatible.

You must check the Ingress protection (IP) rating of the device. Higher the IP rating better will be the chances for the device to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Netgear Orbi Outdoor is an excellent device that you can buy for $330. If you think that the price of the extender is high, then let me tell you that you are getting a tri-band extender that can work in conditions where a normal extender would cease to work.

By launching a Wi-Fi extender for an outdoor setting, Netgear has intensified the game of networking devices because there are a few similar devices available on the market, but with the inception of a Netgear extender for outdoor settings, people will really dig into this particular niche.

Netgear Orbi Outdoor is already available in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, so if you live in any of these countries, then you can get hold of this advanced device now.

If you need any help regarding setting up of Netgear Orbi Outdoor, then you can get in touch with Netgear Extender setup experts because they can only provide you with the best assistance regarding this new device, which is not many people are aware of. However, the process of setting up this extender is not going to be as difficult as the setup of a normal Wi-Fi range extender. To know more feel free to visit at: netgear orbi setup

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