How to Setup Netgear Ex6110 Range Extender on the Network?

Netgear Ex6110

You can configure the Netgear extender Ex6110 on your current home network by applying the simple steps using the manual or WPS method. To set up the network, you need to go to the Netgear link and select the device from the list. Click on ‘Ex6110’ and start reading on-screen instructions. If your range extender has WEP configurations, then you can’t configure through the WPS button. If it supports WPS, then simply click the button and configure the same within seconds.

Now, we are going to shed light on the steps to set up a range extender using the manual method. You can follow the steps without any hesitation. In case you need any advice, you can ask experts.

The manual way to configure Wi-Fi range extender is: The steps to configure Netgear range extender Ex6110 on the network are discussed here as under:

  1. Keep the router and the extender in the same room.
  2. Turn on the router and extender and wait until both devices get booted.
  3. Check if any update is available for extender firmware. If you find any update available for an extender, then download it on the computer and transfer it to the device later on.
  4. Check the available network on your laptop or computer.
  5. Select the Wi-Fi network from the list of available connections.
  6. Once connected to the network, Open a web browser and go to page.
  7. You will be directed to the setup page. If the browser doesn’t direct you to the setup page, then add the address manually and press ‘Enter’.
  8. Follow on-screen instructions and create a Netgear account through it.
  9. After successful linking of account to the device, you can now start sharing the network with the other devices through a wireless
  10. Enter a Wi-Fi password to authenticate the network. This is the same for all the devices which are connected to this network.

WPS method to connect Ex6110

WPS is an acronym for Wi-Fi protected setup. This technique is used to connect the extender wirelessly through Wi-Fi. To use WPS technology, a WPS button is required on both devices.

  • After installing the extender, you will notice green lights now get stable on both devices. If the lights are not stable, then place the devices close to each other and repeat the same process. If the router is not connecting to the extender, then it means the network strength is either not proper or unavailable.

Otherwise, the router will automatically pick up the right settings for your Wi-Fi extender. After this, you can place the extender anywhere at home or where the network signal is poor. To change the settings or preferences of your Ex6110, you need to go to the login page and enter the login details. You can start surfing the internet without any problem.

                                                                      Netgear Range Extender Setup

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