How To Fix ‘Windows 10 Not Detecting Netgear Extender Ex2700’ Issue?

Netgear Ex2700 Extender Setup

Windows 10 is the most popular operating system, which is currently being used by millions and billions of users all around the world. The thing that makes Windows 10 great is its easy-to-use interface and versatility. The OS is so popular that Netgear has to launch a separate web address for setting up its WiFi Range Extender.

If you have just bought Netgear WiFi Extender Ex2700 and looking to set it up, then you will have to go to ‘’ web address to configure your extender and make changes to its settings. While many users can setup and configure their Netgear Ex2700 Wi-Fi Range Extender, some come across issues while doing the same. If you are too finding issues configuring your extender, then here is what you need to do:

  1. Check Windows 10 version installed on your computer.
  2. Check if you have installed any security software on your computer.

Disable Antivirus program – If you have installed any antivirus on your computer, then you need to temporarily disable it because it may be interfering with the setup process.

Reinstall Network Drivers – You should uninstall the current network drivers and reinstall fresh copies. For that, you need to right-click on the driver’s ‘properties’ followed by selecting ‘Compatibility’. Run the program in compatibility mode and press ‘OK’ to run the setup.

If the problem is fixed now, then you can proceed to the setup process, otherwise consult experts for quick and reliable assistance related to Netgear Range Extender Setup


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