How To Extend Wireless Signal Using A Wi-Fi Extender

The Wi-Fi was revolutionary, as it allowed us to surf the web without plugging wires and cables. However, the Wi-Fi signal has some shortcomings and we all were aware of those, but couldn’t find out how to fix them.

The Problem

A Wi-Fi or wireless signal allows us to easily connect to the internet when we are at home, in a hotel, at a station, at an airport. Unfortunately, the signal is not always sufficiently powerful. When it is weak, it not only slows down the speed but also does not allow connection to establish with the network.

It is one of those problems, which arise even at home. When you are too far away from the modem-router to pick up the signal on your device due to the hindrance caused by walls, floors or just too much distance between the router and your device. The problem particular appears when you are living in a large house.

If you are staying at a hotel or a holiday home and not being able to receive a Wi-Fi signal in your room, then that could be due to the signal getting dying in the passage, creating a dead zone.

How to extend the Wi-Fi signal? How can we amplify wireless?

It is very simple to extend your Wi-Fi signal, and if you want to do it on your own, then just keep reading the post till the end.

Using Netgear Wi-Fi extender to amplify the signal

You need to buy a “Wi-Fi extender”, in short, a small device that takes the signal, where it arrives with good power and amplifies it by increasing the coverage. On the market, there are many products from famous brands for the marketing of products for the network, but when it comes to the best Wi-Fi extender brand, and then the Netgear takes the position.

A Wi-Fi Extender is not a very expensive device, plus when you compare the cost with its capabilities, you will find the price to be completely worth every penny. It is better to buy an expensive Wi-Fi Extender because it will be a dual-band device, working on 2.4 GHz band as well as 5 GHz band. Moreover, it will cover a bigger radius than a single band Wi-Fi extender.

How to configure a Wi-Fi extender?

The new models all have the “WPS” button. If your modem router also has this key, the configuration is very simple. Press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi extender (make sure you are close to the modem), a small light should start flashing. Now press the WPS button on the modem. The two devices will exchange information over the network. When the lights stop flashing, you have the system ready.

Now place the repeater at a point where the router signal is strong. From that point on, you will have another Wi-Fi network that will be more powerful.

In case, the WPS button is missing from your modem, then you can connect your Wi-Fi extender to the PC using a LAN cable and configure the device manually with the help of network data.

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