How To Configure Netgear Extender Ex6150 Or 6150v2 In Access Point Mode?

Netgear Extender Ex6150

All Netgear extender users who are using Ex6150 or 6150v2 for network extender purposes will now get delighted after knowing that they can now use their Extender in Access point mode. This is possible by applying simple tricks and tips. Let’s dive into details about this process. If you find a problem in understanding any steps, then get experts to opinions from the online discussion forum.


  1. Plug the extender into a power socket and turn it on. If it is not turning on, then you will find no power LED glowing on the extender. Check the power socket or check if the power button on the extender is turned on or not. If it is off, then slide to turn it on. If there is some problem with the power source, then you can contact an electrician.
  2. If the power supply is successfully connected, then wait till the green light gets stable.
  3. Do check that the configuration switch is set to AP mode but not on ‘Extender mode’.
  4. With the help of an Ethernet cable, connect the Netgear Ex6150 to the existing modem or router.
  5. From Wi-Fi enabled device, click on the ‘Wi-Fi’ manager and go to ‘Search for Wi-Fi’ frequencies’. You will find 2 frequencies on the list. One is 2.5 GHz and another one is 5 GHz.
  6. After successful linking of connection, you will find ‘Setup’ page automatically get appeared on the screen. If it doesn’t start for a moment, then go to ‘Mywifiext’ enter the IP address directly. The page will display the information for the new extender setup.
  7. Click ‘New Extender’ setup.
  8. Enter the desired information in the next couple of boxes appearing on the screen.
  9. In this manner, the account will get generated.
  10. Tap ‘Next’.
  11. It will check if the Access point is set to the enabled or not. If not, then set the mode to ‘Access point’ and refresh it.
  12. Click to ‘Continue’ and the extender will then check for the available network connection.
  13. If you are prompted to enter the network name and SSID, then get it checked from other devices connected to the same Enter the password and select the frequency.
  14. Tap ‘Next’.
  15. The extender will now work like an Access point.
  16. Connect the device to the new Wi-Fi network and enter the username and password for the same.
  17. For instance, if the network name SSID is ‘My home network’.
  18. Enter the new name ‘My home network 2Gext’.
  19. Click ‘Continue’.
  20. You will find a page displaying ‘New AP successfully created’.
  21. On the next page, go to the ‘Registration’ option if available. If not, then it means already registered. Check on-screen instructions to register the device from the webpage.

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