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Fix 6 Major Issues Of Your Netgear Range Extender With Given Tips And Tricks

Netgear range extenders are considered the one-of-its kind product in the digital router market which offers fast speed internet access and boosts the incoming signal. However, we also know that no device is free from flaws. These flaws if encountered on your device may spoil your internet experience.

We are going to discuss 6 major issues of Netgear range extender common on all models along with troubleshooting tips and tricks. If any of the below-mentioned issues is also overpowering you, then you can go through the guide.

  1. How to communicate with a range extender?

If you want to fix any common or basic issue of your Netgear device, you need to login to the Netgear login page from the browser. The login details are mentioned on the Netgear extender itself.

  1. How to change the SSID and password?

This is quite simple to change the SSID and password set by default on your router. Just go to ‘Wireless menu’ from the ‘Dashboard’ and click on the username field. Enter the existing username and a new one in the two fields. After clicking ‘Next’, you need to enter the password.

  1. Turn off ISP router

Using more than one router at a time may create a problem of congestion on the network. If you are using an ISP router along with the Netgear router, then the interference may occur.  To get rid of this problem, disconnect the ISP-provided router from power supply.

  1. How to upgrade firmware?

As like there are updates available for smartphone OS on a routine basis, similarly an upgrade in the firmware is available for the routers as well. You can upgrade the router and fix the bugs and issues reported in the previous version OS. To update the extender/router, go to ‘Advanced’ menu from the main dashboard and click ‘Upgrade’.

  1. Improper speed of downloading

The downloading speed on the device depends on a number of factors. If the network is too congested or too many device are connected to the same wireless network at the same time, then you will get speed issue. Apart from this, if you are at a far distance from the router, then speed issue will persist. The best way to get rid of this problem is by using the different channel or by upgrading the current data plan of your home wireless network. You can contact internet service provider in this regard.

  1. How to stop children from accessing the internet?

In order to stop children from accessing the internet or particular website, you have to enable the parental control feature of your Netgear from the genie app installed on smartphone. Open ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Manage’. Under this option, you will find ‘Parental control’. Configure the controls according to your preference.

These are the 6 major issues which are generally reported by the Netgear users. We hope you must try these solutions and get success after implementation.

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