Does New Netgear Router or Gateway Require Reconfiguration of Existing Extender?

Netgear Extender Setup

Do you need to reconfigure the extender after replacing the existing router with the new one? The answer to this question is certainly ‘Yes’. Now, the steps to reconfigure the extender are discussed in this post. You can reconfigure either via WPS or via GUI.

Now, coming to the main concern, the steps to reconfigure the extender with the replaced router or gateway are:

WPS: This system doesn’t support WEP encryption. If you have set the router configuration to WEP, then the steps to configure using GUI are:

If the router supports WPS, press the same button from the router for at least 5 seconds and check the light if it starts blinking or not. Press the WPS button on the extender within 1 minute.

  1. Wait for a few minutes till the light on the extender and router gets stable
  2. Check the router LED if it is on or not.
  3. If the link LED is on, then it means the extender is successfully connected to the home wireless network.
  4. If you find no LED blinking, then it means the connection is still not established.
  5. If your router and extender support dual-band frequencies, then you need to set the same band on both devices. In case of any problem, you can ask experts.
  6. Change the location of the extender to the desired place so as to get equal network strength at all corners of the house. It is good to place the router in the center of your home so as to get equal strength in all directions.


  • Reset the extender by pressing the Reset button on it for at least 15 seconds. The button can be pressed with a paper clip or with a pin.
  • Once the resetting process gets finished, you can connect the device to the default SSID.
  • Open browser, it will automatically open the extender setup page. You can also enter the address of your extender setup page manually.
  • Click on ‘new extender setup’.
  • Create an account by filling in the details in the field.
  • Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Note: If there is AP mode available in the extender, then you will be asked to select the type of account or setup you want to select. Click on the ‘Wi-Fi’ range extender button.

  1. The extender will now search for available networks and display the same on the screen.
  2. Tap to enter the wireless network of router or gateway followed by ‘Next’.
  3. If both devices support a 5 GHz network, then click and select the ‘5GHz’ band.
  4. In the password field, enter the password of the network to which you want to connect your Extender.
  5. Tap ‘Next’.
  6. Select SSID and password for your new range extender.
  7. Tap ‘next’.
  8. Once the list is done, you can connect the range extender to the network with the existing SSID and password you created earlier.
  9. Tap to complete the setup process.
  10. You are now taken to the registration page. Select your choice according to the given options. If you want to skip, you can skip.
  11. Move the extender to the desired place where you want to place it.

Netgear Extender Setup


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